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Basement Mold Cleaning

basement mold cleaning

  • The oldest formation of rocks underlying a particular area

  • the ground floor facade or interior in Renaissance architecture

  • the lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level; often used for storage

  • The floor of a building partly or entirely below ground level

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basement mold cleaning - Germ Guardian

Germ Guardian AC5000B UVC Tower Air Purifier, Black

Germ Guardian AC5000B UVC Tower Air Purifier, Black

The UV-C and True HEPA Air Cleansing System is a complete system that provides multiple levels of cleaning including both True HEPA and UV-C light technology to enhance germ killing. The levels of cleaning of the UV-C Tower Air purifier include: Charcoal filter; which removes odors and smoke particles, True HEPA; captures 99.99% of airborne particles such as dust mites, debris, mold spores, pollens and pet dander, PCO filter; which captures and dissolves airborne bacteria, molds, fungi and volatile organic compounds while the UV-C light bulb sanitizes and kills germs that can cause cold and flu. The powerful but quiet fan quickly circulates the air in the room and is ideal for large rooms.

89% (8)

Smell The Mold

Smell The Mold

This is a very dark and gloomy spot in my basement. It's the basement floor under a rack of storage shelves. There was an antique mirror in front of it, which the frame got ruined from the water.

I had forgotten these were under here. I had remembered the Speedup can one day, but was afraid it was lost to history. It does seem that I chopped off the top to insert the candle. I have since thrown all these candles out. I kept the A&P coffee and the Planters cans (there's another one behind the coffee) and of course, the Speedup can. Speedup was Acme's housebrand for their cleaning products during the 70's.

All of these cans are older than the newspaper they were sitting on, which was from September 1990. I did get a couple pics off the paper before discarding it. It was all stuck together and unreadable.

Dry Ice Blasting Lincoln, NE Servpro of Lincoln

Dry Ice Blasting Lincoln, NE Servpro of Lincoln

Dry ice blasting is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to pressure washing. The dry ice pellets are propelled at supersonic speeds using a compressed air gun. The impact of the dry ice pellets on a dirty or corroded surface creates what amounts to a thermal shock on the surface. This shock is what breaks up the bond between the surface of the machine or object being cleaned and the dirt or grime buildup. Dry ice blasting is more effective than regular pressure washing since the materials used to remove the dirt from the surfaces evaporates on impact, reducing any negative effects it has on the environment.

basement mold cleaning

basement mold cleaning

Allersearch AllerMold Mold & Mildew Inhibitor / Removal Spray

For years the thought was to simply remove visible mold spores using bleach and water. Although bleaching kills mold, it does not prevent mold spores from reappearing on the treated surface Allersearch AllerMold prevents the growth of mold and mildew for up to 90 days - without harsh chemicals. The nontoxic formula is safe to use virtually anywhere. In the home, use AllerMold wherever moisture is prevalent, such as in bathrooms and basements. Outside the home use AllerMold on patio furniture, campers, siding, and other areas where moisture is prevalent. Allersearch AllerMold is valuable for those who are allergic to mold, and have clinical symptoms of asthma, allergic rhinitis or eczema that correlate with exposure to those allergens. By using AllerMold, you can reduce your exposure to mold, resulting in less symptoms. # Prevents the growth of mold and mildew, helping to prevent the allergy and asthma attacks year-round # Safe to use safely in virtually every room in the house # Meets the current requirements of State Health Departments and other government authorities # Does not contain toxins or harsh chemicals # One application lasts up to 60 - 90 days # One gallon covers approximately 1,500 sq. ft. # Safe for people, pets, and the environment

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