Clean Humor Videos

clean humor videos

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clean humor videos - Mark Lowry:

Mark Lowry: The Last Word - Classic Clean Comedy Series

Mark Lowry: The Last Word - Classic Clean Comedy Series

It takes a special gift to make people laugh. It also takes a special gift to touch people through song. For one entertainer to be skilled at both is a double blessing. That's what makes Mark Lowry such a unique talent and has made him one of the busiest Christian entertainers in the community. So, gather the family for this uplifting mix of humor and music, available for the first time on DVD. You'll enjoy hilarious routines like "The New Dentist" and inspirational songs like "If Your Heart Belongs to Jesus." 72 minutes.

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The Progressives' Autumn of Discontent
My friend unloaded in Kos last night and again this morning:

Obama & Co have already set up the meme that, when the Dems go down in flames in November, it's our fault.

No it's not Mr. President, it's yours.

We voted for you, and we drove all over the country organizing efforts to get others to do likewise.

We sent you money.

We believed you when you said you'd bring change.

And what did we get for it? You couldn't run away from us fast enough once you were sworn in. You wouldn't fight for affordable health care, as you said you would. You wouldn't fight to repeal the Bush tax cuts, which not only drove the deficit, but shifted the tax burden onto those less able to afford it. You wouldn't call out the Republicans for their hypocrisy when they started yelling about the deficit; in fact, you bought into it. You wouldn't protect Social Security. You allowed the very people who took the economy over a cliff to walk away rich, while the rest of us lost jobs, homes, savings, everything.

In short, when you promised us change; you lied. You were handed an historic mandate, in part due to our efforts, and you pissed it away. You and your family, your inner circle, none of you will suffer materially from the awful things that are about to happen, but we will. Our livelihoods; our futures; all of it, are on the line. You will ease into a comfortable retirement, in 2013 or 2017, with little to worry about.

Then, when we made some noise about it, you turned your lackeys on us. Emmanuel called us "retards." Your flak Gibbs dissed us. We got condescending lectures about how we were ideological whiners who Don't Understand How Washington Works.

Well, Mr. President, I have worked in Washington longer than you have, and I understand How It Works. I worked in the Senate, for a true hero, Russ Feingold, a man who faces possible defeat after a distinguished career, due to your lack of leadership. I know what it takes to get legislation passed, and one thing it takes is courage, of which you have none.

And now, you want us to step up and save your worthless ass.

Not a chance.

[This morning's addition]

Allow me, as we used to say in the Senate, to revise and extend my remarks.

Speaking only for myself as a Boomer, Mr. President is one of the last of us. Millions of his big sister and brother Boomers have spent much of their lives working for social and economic justice. We were community organizers, too, and teachers and social workers and on and on and on. Some of us got our first taste of tear gas before Mr. President went to kindergarten. Some of us got beaten by Klansmen, cops, and the like. A few of us got killed.

We thought Jimmy Carter, elected after what was then the worst administration in history, might turn this country around, but he failed us. And, like Mr. President, he turned on us as he was going down and taking the rest of the Democratic party with him. We thought we had a better chance with Bill Clinton, who gave us some measure of satisfaction even if he pivoted away after likewise crashing and burning in 1994. So we thought we might actually get somewhere with Barack Obama. He courted us - I was one of those in Boston in 2004 who stood riveted by his convention speech - he asked us to stand with him, and we did. When we needed him, he was off buttering up a Republican party that showed zero interest in working with him. Heck, they were screaming "Socialist!" in Sepember, 2008. He wrapped a warm blanket around the bankers who had destroyed our financial futures (and who later professed hurt at his quite mild remarks that they might have some responsibility for cleaning up the mess they made). He went playing with his fellow millionaires on Martha's Vineyard while millions struggled.

Why in the world should we, after all that, help prop him up? Because the Rs are worse? Nixon, Reagan, Two Bushes, Gingrich; we've dealt with all that before. We can handle battling an enemy; it's much harder to handle a traitor.

Mon Aug 01, 2011 at 07:35 AM PDT.

Trojan Horse: The Obama Deception

H/T to my old friend TocqueDeville who saw this ruse for what it was long before I did.
I have resisted writing this for a long time. I didn't want to believe it myself. But the fact is, we've been had. Anyone who believed that Barack Obama ever intended to be 'the change Pre

Sister & Obs - 16 Things About Me

Sister & Obs - 16 Things About Me

Two very evil ladies, known as Uastis and Zarabella, have tagged me, so there you go:

16 Things About Me

1. I am 29 years old and I don't know how to drive. I've been talking of taking driving lessons ever since I was 18 (which is the legal age for driving in my country), but my fear of causing an accident and killing someone keeps stopping me from actually doing it. Actually, it's not even a fear, it's a certainty.

2. My mum says that I taught myself to read at the age of 4 and that when I went to kindergarten I used to read fairy tales to the other kids and the teacher would ask her if I knew the words by heart and just pretended to read (bitch!). I haven't stopped reading ever since. It's my favourite thing to do and I will read almost anything, serious or "fluffy".

3. I was one of the few little girls that never played "teacher" and I never expressed the wish to become one when I grew up, like most of my friends and my sister did. Ironically, that's what I currently do for a living. I hope to change this in the near future because there are other things I want to do more.

4. I hate splatter movies and can't watch anything that depicts violence and torture. I'm not one of those people that will be fascinated by horror, blood and guts, roadside accidents etc. I will cover my eyes and/or run away. My worst movie experiences in that respect have been the torture scenes in Hostel and the fire-extinguisher and rape scenes in Irreversible. My worst real life experience on that front was when the old lady that lived in the apartment next to mine five years ago fell off the third floor balcony and I saw her lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

5. A lighter one: I love laughing and what makes me laugh the most is a. absurd/surreal humour and b. people tripping over their words and making silly mistakes. If you want to kill me, start reciting tongue-twisters and be bad at it. I also like making other people laugh. It gives me a high and makes me laugh a lot myself when someone giggles at a joke or quip I've made.

6. On the other hand, I cry easily, especially when someone cries or suffers in movies, books, and in real life too. I'm a sucker for melodramatic scenes in art and literature, but not in real life.

7. When I was 8-9 years old, I wanted to be like Betty from the Archie comics. I even styled my hair like she did, in various forms of pony tails, and I wanted to be a "good girl".

8. I love performing and I was always the first to participate in school plays and such things. There is a video of a "show" that my english school organised at the local theatre when I was about 12-13 where I sing "We Are The World" along with a boy, "I'd like to teach the world to sing" solo aaand -wait for it- I later on dance with my then best friend a mambo/rumba choreography that we came up with. I want to destroy that video, but at the same time I find it embarassingly cute. I later on joined a theatre group. If I could go back in time I'd tell my young self to say the hell with job security and apply to theatre schools like she wanted.

9. I adore the sea and I love swimming but for some reason I am afraid to go near the water if it's night and the sea isn't calm. I suspect this comes from a recurring nightmare I had as a child where huge waves were chasing me and my family. On the other hand, one of my favourite memories is a night-time swim with my friends, where we floated on the water and moved our arms slowly back and forth, making the plankton sparkle in the dark, and shared secrets and laughs.

10. The person I admire most in the world is my mother. She's gone through a lot of tough crap (like having to go through life with only one arm, losing her dad at 14, growing up with a mother who was uneducated and couldn't properly support her children, and various other difficulties) and she's this wonderful person that has earned everything she has with her hard work and personal worth and everyone loves and admires her.

11. Cockroaches make me squeal in terror. I will kill it if I have to, but given the option I will run away and call someone else to do the dirty job. I don't have this irrational fear with any other bug or animal. Say what you want, but I believe they are mean and they are out to get me -and you too. Yes, YOU!

12. I like cold, running water. When I wash things and the water runs a lot and it turns very very cold I have to take a drink, even if I'm not thirsty. I also have to drink from any clean font or stream I encounter when I'm in the countryside or anywhere else.

13. When I was 11 my aunt brought my sister and me a paper doll each and a little block of paper clothes, some already coloured and some that we could colour ourselves. After a while, I started drawing and making new clothes for that doll and kept doing it until an age that was way too old for playing with such things. I still go back and make her new clothes once in a

clean humor videos

clean humor videos

An Audience With Hal Roach: The King of Blarney (Ireland's International Comedian)

Filmed live at Jurys Hotel-Dublin Ireland. In the days of old, it was foretold that if one kissed the Blarney Stone one was blessed with the gift of eloquence. Well, if that is true, then it would seem that the King of Blarney himself, Hal Roach, has had a long standing love affair with it. On state visits all over the world, His Merry Majesty has appeared in cabaret, on stage and TV, leaving a trail of ligthheartedness in his wake. Hal's style of wit is as distinctive as his gravelly Irish brogue. So why not let His Royal Highness The King of Comedy beguile you into joining his audience in that most infectious of all sounds - the lilt of Irish laughter.

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