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Mr Clean Products

mr clean products

    mr clean
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  • Mr. Clean (branded as Flash in the UK ) is a brand name fully owned by Procter & Gamble. It is used for a cleaning solution and related products, and as "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser", for a melamine foam cleaner.

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mr clean products - 48 Count

48 Count Mr. Clean Magic Reach Scrubbing Tub and Shower Pads, 6 Pack - 8 Count Ea = 48 Refills Magic Reach

48 Count Mr. Clean Magic Reach Scrubbing Tub and Shower Pads, 6 Pack - 8 Count Ea = 48 Refills Magic Reach

With Mr. Clean MagicReach, you can take a tough bathroom cleaning job and help make it easy Just like magic! Get rid of most bathroom cleaning tools and reach for just one - the Mr. Clean MagicReach. No more "balancing circus act" when you want to clean your tub and shower, or getting on your hands and knees to scrub the area behind your toilet. Mr. Clean MagicReach is made up of four key features: a detachable hand tool; telescoping pole - extends to four feet, collapses for storage; disposable Mopping pads, & disposable Scrubbing pads.
Water-activated foaming pads easily clean tubs and showers. Versatile Usage: Clean shower walls. Clean tub. Clean shower door. Clean faucets. Scrub extra dirty surfaces. Contains no phosphate. Made in USA.
IMPORTANT! Do not use on natural stone or colored grout, non-sealed tiles, unfinished, oiled, or waxed wooden boards or carpet. Test in inconspicuous area before use on old, worn or delicate surfaces like cultured marble. Not recommended for use on mirrors.

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Meister Proper!

Meister Proper!

It's Meister Proper!! Or Mr. Clean. Not really that exciting, but I prefer Meister Proper.

Romanian Cleaning Products

Romanian Cleaning Products

Mr. Proper? and Fairy?
Ok Mr. Clean.. The Truth is that we've always wondered about you.

mr clean products

mr clean products

Mr. Clean Magic Reach All in One Bathroom Cleaniing Tool Starter Kit

The mr. Clean magic reach starter kit helps you tackle all cleaning surfaces with ease. Strong lightweight detachable pole that extends up to 48". Flexible shaped head cleans curved surfaces and corners. Cleaning head detaches and can be use by hand to scrub hard to reach areas. Ideal for showers, tubs, sinks, counters, floor and much more. Choose from two different cleaning pad options, wet mopping pads with cleaner to easily clean floors with no rinsing required or dry scrubbing pads with powerful clean, just add water to activate.

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