How To Clean A Disc At Home

how to clean a disc at home

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hey who are those gleaners on the side of the road?

hey who are those gleaners on the side of the road?

We have been having the most enjoyable vacation at home ever. benji gets 9 days off for All Saints Day. On Friday night we took amaya to a biker bar to see her favorite singer, our neighbor Kenny, sing. He sang her Elvis songs and 50's and 60's rock and she danced, swayed, clapped her hands and loved the attention. the bar man kept her supplied with Oranginas and a whole glass full of ice cubes since she was the youngest groupie there. we only stayed out until 9pm but it was a great outing for all of us. benji and i drank beers and danced with our friends and i took videos of Kenny for his demo disc. He was fabulous and rocked the house.

Saturday we collected firewood and walnuts and began work on our house and amaya played with her friends. benji is building a floor on the top level and i am constructing yet another rock wall and facing the fireplace with stones and mud. we all go to bed exhausted at night but fat and happy.

Sunday we took amaya to a village art-walk where you could visit artist's ateliers and do some hands on learning. she pounded pigments and painted a picture with extracts of flowers and i was deeply inspired by the wool dying (going to clean and card the wool i have and dye it with walnut husks and poke berries). on the way home, we stopped and picked luqcues olives which I am salt brining. some friends drove by while we were picking and snapped a shot of the gleaning family.

Monday we worked on the house while amaya went to preschool and the plumbers started to dig holes and lay pipes. they have been fabulous and show up to work each day with a smile. i feed them and Kenny has donated some bits and pieces left over from his bathrooms. the house is the mess, i am typing right now with a toilet next to me. we found it in a closet when we moved in, but it has never been used. it will go upstairs with the bathtub for our big third floor bathroom. i marinated three jars of eggplants, made pear-apple butter and there were a million tomatoes in the trash bin so i cooked a giant pot of red wine pasta sauce and then passed out jars of it to the old guys in the escargot.

This morning we went to the farmers market and saw the rabbit lady and she said she would give us another female bunny to replace the one that died so quickly. amaya spied a basket of raspberries and begged for them and ate the entire basket herself, saying each time just one more, just one more. we came home and let the rabbits mate (the female went in the male's cage), he chased her around for a minute and then tried to hump her face and then he got it figured out correctly. amaya munched on a carrot and watched.

One more week of vacation to finish our details around the house. Tomorrow is a big lunch with the priest (many drinks will be had he said and he is making enormous amounts of cassoulet), Friday is a chestnut festival in our little town and the celebration for all the new wines (we have three wineries for 776 residents), Saturday amaya is trick or treating with her friends and Sunday is a birthday celebration for the wise walking weed woman and we will go to the cemetery to offer flowers to our relatives and clean the family crypt.

The Board

The Board

I'm concerned this isn't going to move intact, so I thought I'd capture it for posterity.

One of the reasons me and the roommates get along is that we like to collect stuff.

how to clean a disc at home

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